TBG Banquet and Silent Auction

Fellow TBG Members,

Next Saturday is the date for our annual meeting and Banquet. The banquet will be held August 8th from 3pm, to 9pm at The Garden Patch in Barnesville, GA. The Address is 100 Southland Dr, Barnesville, GA 30204

Jerry Russel will be speaking at the Banquet and is also providing an awesome fishing or fishing turkey hunt combo trip to be given away by live auction. To bid you may post a comment here with your bid, bidding is open to everyone and all bidding will close at 7:30 pm EST at the Banquet. Live bids will be taken at the banquet and we will update the website as soon as we can with any live bids. The winner must submit their winning bid within 7 days of the auction ending. If payment is not received the next highest bidder will be selected as the winner

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Youth Trailer #2!!!

We commissioned the second Youth Program trailer at the Central Zone Shoot!Mr Ed Sandefur is coordinating use of it.Please consider volunteering in some of the several events posted on our events calendar;and if you have a event where one of the trailers might be needed please contact myself or Ed.Thanks for helping to make this happen.    T Smith

Mr. Ed Sandefur takes delivery of Youth Trailer #2

Mr. Ed Sandefur takes delivery of Youth Trailer #2

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2014 TBG Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot

TBG 2014 Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot Flyer

TBG 2014 Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot Flyer


The 2014 TBG Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot will be held on March 15-16, 2014 at The Rock Ranch. We will be using a different portion of the property this year and it looks to be perfect for us. Good looking woods, lots of open areas for camping (free camping), ponds, and a huge pole barn that will make this an all weather venue. It will be awesome!

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TBG Northern Zone Hunt

The TBG Northern Zone Hunt will be held at Cooper’s Creek WMA on September 27-29, 2013. My plan is to camp at the Forest Service Campground at Cooper’s Creek. It is roomy and provides easy access to the WMA. This is a pay camping area and is handled on a first come-first served basis. The Mulky Campground is also adjacent to the WMA if the Cooper’s Creek sites fill up. Both run $8 to $10 per night. If you are averse to paying to camp, there are spots on the WMA where you can do it for nothing.

This hunt will be held the same weekend as the Outdoor Adventure Day at Unicoi State Park. My personal plan is to hunt on Friday, come to Unicoi on Saturday, and hunt on Sunday. I would invite other hunt participants to ride over to Helen with me on that Saturday to assist in the TBG Youth Range on that Saturday.
Hope to see a good number of TBG members and guests at this hunt.turday, 9/28.

Gene Bramblett, TBG Northern Zone Rep

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Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot Survey

Recently, TBG members were asked to complete and return a survey intended for use by the newly appointed Tournament Committee in determining what participants want in terms of improvement of our annual Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot, which is held in March of each year. If you’d be interested in providing your input, please print the survey, fill it out completely, and return it to us for inclusion in the information gathering effort. We will use the information gathered to guide the improvement process to make for a better experience for everyone. If you have already filled out and returned your member survey, there is no need for you to repeat the process here. Thanks in advance for your help!

The Officers

Download the survey here:

State Shoot Survey

Adobe PDF reader is required but if you don’t have the software, never fear, it is a free download and is available by clicking here.

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Summer 2013 Newsletter Available for Download

Greetings fellow TBG members!

The Summer 2013 Newsletter is now available for download on the TBG Site. This latest edition may be one of the best in history. Great articles, some very cool pictures and a column from our new President elect Lee Camp.

The articles in this edition are:

“Nolan’s Traditional Pig”, by Martin Hubbard
“How I shoot a Deer” by Robert Carter
“Cool Morning Pig” by Charlie Mitchell
“Know your Bows Crossword” by Dan Spier
“Africa” by John Abbott
“An Unlucky Buck” by Matt Schuster
“Look them in the eyes” by Steve Angell

To download a copy of the newsletter just click on the image below.

Newsletter – Summer 2013

Adobe PDF reader is required but if you don’t have the software, never fear, it is a free download and is available by clicking here.

We hope you all enjoy the newsletter and wish you the best of luck in the comming 2013 hunting season!

The Officers

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Officer Election Process Complete!

The latest officer election process has been completed with the following results:

President – Lee Camp

Vice President – Steve Angell

Secretary-Treasurer – Jeff Hampton

Northern Zone Rep – Gene Bramblett

Central Zone Rep – Dan Beckwith

Southern Zone Rep – Dendy Cromer

Youth Program Coordinator (appointed) – Tony Smith

Thanks to the electorate for voting and thanks to these men for being committed to serve the membership of TBG for the next two years. We look forward to a productive and prosperous term! Thanks also to Jeff Roberts and Mark Land for serving as the Election Committee.

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TBG 2014 Annual Banquet

Ya’ll come please, IT will be a fun, and informative event.

TBG has a lot of things going on, and all of them are good for Traditional Archery.

Whatever has to be done, we will handle it.
Like my dear grandpapa Harold use to tell me; it ain’t no step, for a stepper.



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Oak Hill Baptist Church Youth Shoot

Tell me these kids ain’t SERIOUS !!!DSC_0403 DSC_0412 DSC_0437 DSC_0458 DSC_0466 DSC_0485 DSC_0487

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The 2013 Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot – Report

The 2013 Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot hosted by the Traditional Bowhunters of Georgia was a rousing success! With just shy of 100 registered shooters the woods were full of the sound of arrows striking foam, along with the hoots and hollers of attendees when arrows struck trees, rocks and earth instead of foam!

Volunteers and many officers arrived on Friday to set up the course and registration area. Big Jim arrived as well and his tent was a very popular place during the course of the weekend. Thanks for your support Jim!


It appeared everyone was having a grand time as the shooting began on Saturday morning.




Later in the evening everyone gathered for a great meal and even greater fellowship. The food was tasty and plentiful. The conversations were warm, friendly, and numerous. Festivities were preceded by a prayer from our gracious host at Rock Ranch, Mr. Jeff Manley. Thank you again Jeff for your hospitality and support.





On Sunday everyone was treated to a wonderful devotional by our own Mr. Al Chapmnn and then shooters were grouped into flights for the final round of shooting. Then scores were tallied and buckles and ribbons distributed to the winners. Most important of all was that we had a plentiful group of youth shooters which accounted for 20% of the total number of shooters. With a total of 15 registered shooters between the ages of 7 and 15 the sport is alive and well with our youths.



When all was said and done 21 buckles and ribbons were distributed to the winners in each class. The youth class were all awarded medals and lots of applause and cheering could be heard.

Stat20 Scores

The 2013 State Shoot was a a success due to the dedication and assistance of the volunteers who set the course, manned the registration table, tallied scores and so many other tasks and responsibilities. TBG would like to thank them all for their assistance. Events like these raise funds to support the TBG youth program and anyone who attended the shoot could see that the youth program is a huge success. Tony Smith does a great job of managing the youth program and event at the State Shoot Tony could be seen assisting kids at the youth targets. Thank you Tony for all you do!

We hope everyone that attended had as much fun as we the officers did. We look forward to seeing you at the shoot next year. Be sure to tell your friends and bring a guest, there will be plenty of fun and food to go around we are sure.

The Officers

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